Our factory is committed to the cleanest, most socially responsible standards in the furniture industry. Founded by a team of Houston-based industrial designers, social entrepreneurs, and artists, HTX made offers a professional alternative to outsourced production. We collaborate with architects, designers, and the local maker community and seek to employ workers from under-served communities. Our dream is to build the next model for a competitive factory.
HTX Made is taking local manufacturing back to the second ward, a distinctive neighborhood in Houston's East End, the second ward has a long-standing history of making things. HTX Made is located at the Old Imperial Linen building at the corner of Harrisburg and Sampson, where our local makers, artists, and entrepreneurs design and build furniture.
Our founders grew up here and live in the community, by bringing new products to the local market, we seek to benefit our neighbors and the Houston economy.

About US

Ben Baron

Ben ​is the business and sales ​manager for HTX Made. As a graduate of the University of Texas majoring in Economics, ​Ben leads ​business development, as well as other​ operational​ functions of the business.

Jose Martinez

Jose is the lead industrial designer for HTX Made. As a graduate of the University of Houston majoring in Industrial Design, ​Jose concentrated on the mastery of materials and methods as a means of combining innovative designs with efficient production techniques.

Francisco Arevalo

Francisco is the lead ​engineer and digital fabrication specialist for HTX Made. As a graduate of the University of Houston ​majoring in Computer Science, ​Francisco ​pilots all computer-driven machinery​ and ensures scalability throughout the production facility​.

Jeff Kaplan

Jeff is a Houston-based entrepreneur focused on ​creating businesses that maximize community impact. In addition to HTX Made, he is a cofounder ​New Living, Axelrad Beer Garden​,​ and Houston Needs A Swimming Hole. In 2015, the Houston Chronicle named ​Jeff among Houston’s most fascinating people.

Our Team

David G
David is a U of H architecture grad. He has worked mostly in home construction and has made a reputation for himself through his hard work and unmatched high quality workmanship. As our shop manager, he sets an example for others to follow and guides us to new horizons.
Jose J
Jose is our lead welder and forman of our metal fab shop. He has proven himself on and off the field. He enjoys spending time playing soccer and studing for his engineering degree.
Arturo B
Arturo is an industrial design graduate who is one of our skilled wood craftsman veterans. He enjoys spending time perfecting his craft while creating new and innovative ways to make high quality furniture.

3401 Harrisburg Blvd. Suite A Houston, TX 77003 | 713.489.6387 | QUESTIONS@HTXMADE.COM